Fantasy Football Magazine
The RotoWire Fantasy Football Magazine
RotoWire has taken the best of its in-depth player analysis and packaged it in a magazine for 2021. Our fantasy football magazine will help make you the best-prepared member of your fantasy draft. Highlights include:
  • Player Rankings & Profiles For Over 300 Players
  • Top Rookies, Sleepers, and Potential Busts To Avoid
  • Comprehensive Cheatsheets & Projected Stats
  • Expert Mock Drafts
  • Jeff Stotts' Injury Analysis & Much More!
RotoWire's inventory of the magazine is sold out. You can still find it on newsstands, or contact to purchase a PDF copy.
Scheduled to ship in mid-to-late July.
Free shipping to USA/Canada!
We try to publish as close to the season as possible so you have fresh information for your draft.
Non-USA/Canada orders: Please email for prices and shipping rates.
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