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Fantasy Football 101: Strategy & Advice

A collection of fantasy football strategy articles for people just getting started in fantasy football.

We've put together a collection of articles that aim to give you a basic understanding of fantasy football and advice on many basic subjects we've learned during our history. Learn how to approach a fantasy football season in terms of analyzing players and how to draft a team.

Fantasy Football Strategy
How to Play Fantasy Football

A quick tutorial for anyone who is new to the game.

10 Basic Strategy Tips

There are certain fundamental principles that are important to keep in mind.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Learn how to plan your draft strategy effectively.

Auction Draft Strategy

Auction drafts require a different kind of thinking, which is outlined in this article.

Dynasty League Strategy

Building a dynasty is more art than science, but following NFL trends is crucial.

Two-QB Leagues: Discussion & Strategy

How to approach the draft in a league that requires two starting quarterbacks..

Best-Ball Strategy

Drafting for best-ball leagues differs from season-long leagues. Here's how to attack a best-ball draft.

IDP Fantasy League Fundamentals

Learn the basic strategy you'll need to know in order to thrive in an IDP fantasy league.

Evaluating Injuries
How To Evaluate Common Football Injuries

A look at the most significant injuries and how they affect a player's ability to play.

Handicapping & Survivor
Handicapping Football Games

Learn how to effectively bet on football games with these 10 tips.

Survivor: Don't Just Survive – Win

A little basic math can improve your odds of winning a survivor pool – instead of merely surviving.

Profiting Off Point spreads

A guide for correctly using bookmaker odds to make fantasy decisions.

Terminology Glossary

A beginner's guide to all the sports betting terms worth getting familiar with.

Trends & Advanced Metrics
Is the WR Market Back to Normal?

The trend in fantasy drafts in 2017 seems to offer a discount to wide receivers.

Drafting with Scarcity

Wait on a QB? Draft an elite WR or RB early? The answers can be found by decoding the math behind fantasy scarcity.

Don't Trust Second-Half Breakouts

A player's second-half breakout is predictive for the following season, but not in the way most assume.