Unlock Sports Info Solutions MLB Projections
Sports Info Solutions MLB Projections
Combine the power of our optimizer with the baseball analytics expertise of the Sports Info Solutions team.

What makes Sports Info Solutions special?

Sports Info Solutions has been at the forefront of baseball analytics, providing data to MLB front offices for over 15 years. Formerly "Baseball Info Solutions", the company has been a driving force behind the Sabermetric Revolution and the Moneyball Era, due largely in part to groundbreaking analytical contributions such as Defensive Runs Saved (DRS).

Over the past six years, SIS has turned its extensive database and analytical prowess loose on the DFS industry.

Beginning in 2016, John Dewan led a group of colleagues on a venture to build the most comprehensive DFS model imaginable using the vast resources at their disposal. From this project spawned the original "Model 1", which has undergone extensive testing and development behind the scenes to eventually lead us to the tool that is now available for the 2022 MLB season – "SIS Model 5".

First, the model uses elements involving the player himself, such as:

  • Player age and how each stat is specifically affected by his age
  • Career performance
  • Recent performance and specific recency weightings for each stat
  • Home park of the player (where he plays half his games)

Secondly, it looks at elements that affect player performance based on game conditions:

  • Performance vs. the handedness of the opposing pitcher
  • Quality of the opposing pitcher including how well the pitcher performs based on batter handedness
  • How the park affects performance (including specialized Coors Field analytics)
  • Temperature at game time
  • Wind speed and direction at game time
  • Pitchers-friendly umps and hitter-friendly umps
  • Where the hitter hits in the lineup
  • Quality of other players in the lineup
  • How offensive support affects a pitcher’s likelihood to get a win
  • How each stat is independently affected by each one of these elements
  • How individual player tendencies and relevant timing data affect stolen bases

With your purchase, you'll unlock Sports Info Solutions projections for the remainder of the season.

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